Installation Guide

Aim of this guide is to provide a easiest approach to install releax os on any x64 bit [EFI, Legacy boot] systems


  1. releax OS latest ISO download
  2. A Hardware with minimum requirements Specified Here
  3. USB (2GB atleast) [ for making boot-able pen-drive ]
  4. 10 GB alteast Space in harddisk (better to have a blank partition, already)
  5. 30 minutes of time
  6. Brain (must)

Build a bootable USB

*skip if you are going for a virtual environment

If Window

  • Go for rufus Download Link
  • Select the iso
  • Set Partition Schemas to MBR or GPT, according to your system
  • And click on start

If Linux

  • Use inbuilt dd command
  • type below command replacing /path/for/iso → to releax os iso location and /dev/sd? to usb device
  • dd if=/path/for/iso of=/dev/sd? bs=512 status=progress

Once you have a bootable USB, plug it to your system and reboot, and select usb in bios. and after this follow the below guide


releax os use a very user friendly installation tool - opportunity,

  1. Welcome Screen , Select your language and continue
  2. Disk Page, Select Disk partition where you want to install releax os (going to wipe/format/delete/erase/fukk the data inside that partition only, so be sure that there is no important data inside that partition) if you have not already partition your harddrive then follow this tutorial here to get a guide
  3. Click on next to continue, if your System support efi partition then a prompt appears, you have to select the efi parititon here if your are not sure about your efi partition then instead of random guessing follow this guide
  4. After selecting, you have to fill up the basic user details, (currently repeat password checking is not working ,so be sure with password m( that you typed in first box)
  5. Confirm your selections here and click on Install
  6. Wait for the installation to complete (it will take 10min to 30min to complete acc. to your system performance)

Once the installation is done without error click on the reboot button to restart your system or press the top right button '<' to restart, shutdown or whatever

Enjoy the releax os :-D